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Colorful Plastic Packaging Tray for Fruit and Vegetable

Features : Products using high-quality PP environmental protection materials, through the food-grade QS production license Products using high-quality plastic blister, the edge is tidy, easy to package; From sheet production to product molding all in the clean room to complete, in line with...

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Colorful Plastic Packaging Tray For Fruit And Vegetable

Colorful plastic packaging tray for Fruit and vegetable  use PP material. The non-toxic and odorless PP Film with good tensile strength, compressive strength, and anti-impact forces has no chemical reaction, and the material itself has good plasticity which is easy to make all kinds of environmental protection plastic box with fascinating shapes, hence, it is an irresistible trend to use PP plastic boxes to pack fruits and vegetables.

Our existing fruit and vegetable packaging boxes are over four hundred kinds, and they can be divided from fruit and vegetable packaging types: red grape, cherry, strawberry, apple(pear), kiwi fruit, jujube ,mango and other seasonal boutique fruits and vegetables.

Colorful Plastic Packaging Tray For Fruit And Vegetable

Welcome to buy the colorful plastic packaging tray for fruit and vegetable in stock with our professional packaging products manufacturers and suppliers in China. We will offer you good service, and the customized service is also offered at price.