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Beverage cup sealing considerations
- Nov 17, 2017 -

There are two kinds of drink cup seal, one is sealed with a sealing film, one is a lid seal film. Sealing film sealing is relatively simple, as long as the plastic cup into the automatic sealing machine, you can seal. However, it may be a little cumbersome to seal with a lid, but it is easier to practice.

plastic cup.jpg

So when the beverage cup sealing need to pay attention to what the problem?

When we packed the drinks, do not fill the cups full. Too full in the process of sealing will overflow, it will lead to sealing when the seal will be unstable. So generally we only install 4/5 capacity, leaving 1/5 of space. This put the cup into the automatic sealing machine drinks will not flow out to come.

If the lid to seal, after the beverage is installed, put the drink cup placed on the top of the bar, one hand holding the cup, the other hand slowly the lid along the plastic cup edge down, forced to balance. Too much force will cause the tea cup due to extrusion deformation, resulting in tea flow out