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BOPS product advantages and scope of application
- Dec 21, 2017 -

BOPS material non-toxic, tasteless, light weight, excellent transparency. Has excellent rigidity, surface hardness and gloss, dimensional stability, easy processing, and surface decoration and electrical properties.

BOPS products can be directly in contact with food, in line with the United States FDA and the EU 90 \ 128 \ EEC health standards. In Europe BOPS products are called "environmentally friendly" materials, but also designated by China's Environmental Protection Agency "recyclable environmentally friendly products," one.

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The scope of application

① various types of food packaging: vegetables, fruits, eggs, meat, seafood and other food packaging bread, biscuits, cakes, and all kinds of cakes packaging. High-grade beautiful moon cake boxes, chocolate boxes, skin care products packaging boxes, candy boxes, biscuit boxes light packaging, frozen, frozen food, instant noodles packaging, fast food boxes, bowls, cups, covers and so on.

Various types of dried fruit, candied fruit, snacks, condiments and other packaging.

② various types of medical and health products packaging: oral liquid, injection, granules, blisters category.

③ other product packaging: electronic components, precision components, tool trays, toys, daily necessities, handicrafts and various gifts and other packaging.