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commonly used mold features of blister products
- Dec 22, 2017 -

The use of gypsum mold production, mold making process similar to the plastic proofing, the advantage is that the short production cycle, the lowest cost, making a full version (60X110cm) mold only one or two days, the downside is the rough surface of plastic products, production In the mold easily broken, poor durability can not shape the depth, complexity, thick sheet products.

The use of copper plating mold, the process is to lay a good kind of blister coated with a layer of conductive agent, and then placed in the electrolytic cell plating thick copper layer, the plating process takes 72 hours, followed by copper mold irrigation Gypsum (increase hardness), polishing, eye blowering eye treatment, the use of copper production electroplating model has the advantage of plastic products smooth surface, moderate cost, moderate durability, the disadvantage is the mold making cycle is long, unable to complete the production of precision plastic products.

The use of plastic mold production, mold production need to use computer design drawings, and then use CNC milling machine, the advantage of the production cycle is moderate, the latter part of the mold processing time is short (drilling eyes work in CNC machining completed), the size of plastic products High precision, mold durability, the disadvantage is the high cost.


Die production and post-production cycle

Since the molding range of the automatic high-speed plastic molding machine is about 66X110cm, no matter it is a plaster mold, a copper mold or an aluminum mold, the individual molds need to be spelled together to reach the forming size. We all call this process an imposition and need Fight stoop in the aluminum or wood, after spell the full version of the mold we call the bottom mold. For the deep plastic molding products, but also need to make the upper mold, the bottom mold vacuum suction-type at the same time, exert pressure from above the sheet, the sheet will be evenly stretched to each site, otherwise it will cause the local The thickness is too thin. The entire production cycle mold production should be 5 to 7 days.