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Daily use of disposable lunch boxes
- Dec 12, 2017 -

Weekly was discarded disposable lunch boxes and plastic boxes, as long as a little ingenuity, will be transformed into an affordable daily necessities.

Use plastic box for flour

Do not discard the box after eating food, baking cake and other West Point, you can use to dress flour or sugar and other materials for easy measurement. Due to the considerable capacity of the box, it can also be used to mix materials or to screen the flour directly for a wide range of uses.

disposable lunch box.jpg

With a disposable lunch box filter out the water of fish

First, holding a one-time snack box of fish, meat wash dry, and then blade at the bottom of the box a few diagonal knife, pay attention not to cut too hard, so as to avoid splitting the box. After the fish on top, you can filter out the water, reduce the stench.

In addition, the chopped vegetables or washed materials can also be placed on the box to filter out the water, so as not to splash the food after the pan splash. The box can be directly discarded after dirty, without cleaning, very convenient, is a good helper housewife cooking food.

Plastic box receiving cleaning supplies

Plastic food containers, because depth enough and very durable, please temporarily save not to discard, you can effectively use. As long as the bottom of the box placed up, then use iron sign or awl equally drilling, you can use to receive sponge or dishwashing and other cleaning products. As the bottom of the drill holes, can filter out the water, to avoid the accumulation of sewage, clean and sanitary. Once the box bottom dirt, discard the update can be very convenient.