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The main use of disposable plastic packing box
- Dec 23, 2017 -

Disposable blister packs are well known to the public and are convenient and fast materials for specially packaged foods. 

It is more transparent, can hold a large amount of food, to meet the people to save time and speed up the demand for food. So cheap plastic tableware became the first choice of packaging materials for people who cook restaurants. So what are the products most commonly used by the public are mainly concentrated in what areas do you understand?

Disposable plastic packaging boxes are mainly used in the catering industry, especially the large flow of people, and specialized in food takeout restaurant demand for this product is particularly large, and is indispensable to the use of the restaurant. 

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These restaurants are mainly used to attract more time to urge customers to come and spend, and it is low cost, can greatly improve the restaurant's turnover. Therefore, the use of disposable tableware industry or field is to reduce the cost of sales to increase profits.

Disposable plastic packaging box to buy Note:

When buying, pay attention to see if there is a QS mark and number, whether there is material description and precautions for use, whether marked with the word microwave can be used. Choose a transparent lunch box as well.

It is best to avoid using plastic boxes to heat foods that contain large amounts of fat and sugar, because the boiling point of the oil easily exceeds the heat-resistant limit of the plastic, and the oils, sugars and plasticizers are all organic and similar.

Some lunch boxes lid may not be heat-resistant material, the lid should be opened when heated.

Pay attention to the production date, the shelf life of plastic products is generally three to five years, if used frequently, one to two years to replace better.