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What material disposable lunch box can be heated in a microwave oven
- Dec 06, 2017 -

Eating outside, eating is common, wasteful and too pity, will want to pack away, take home to eat, but what kind of disposable lunch box is more secure? One of these stresses, it is worth to talk about.

What are the packaging boxes on the market, you know? Details on the market which plastic packing boxed food safer, but does not mean that all lunch boxes are safe to heat. 

disposable lunch box.jpg

Among these plastic packing boxes, only PP No. 5 plastic material can be placed in a microwave oven for heating (Polypropylene No. 5, the best heat-resistant plastic material, is heated in a microwave oven Plastic appliances will often use it).

Polypropylene (PP) itself is relatively heat-resistant, itself can withstand temperatures around 200 ℃, it is completely microwave heating, repeated heating will not be any major problems, but other disposable lunch boxes The heat resistance will be much worse, it is best not to be directly heated, do not go too hot food loaded, of course, other materials, disposable lunch boxes can not be repeated use.