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Why plastic cups will rupture in the refrigerator
- Nov 18, 2017 -

Under normal circumstances plastic cups filled with liquid fresh or frozen, in the case of no ice is not broken.

There is only one reason why the plastic cups are placed in the freezer and the liquid is not frozen. The reason for this is that the pp material used by the manufacturer when making the cups is recycled, not 100% new pp. 

plastic cup.jpg

Recycled material is second-hand materials, the toughness of the cup produced is not strong, very brittle, in the case of lower temperatures will produce rupture. The new pp material production of plastic cup cup in the case of no icing does not produce rupture effect.

Liquid icing plastic cups will burst, mainly when the liquid ice, the volume will expand and become larger. Cup itself can not accommodate so much volume, so produce rupture expansion.