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Why some PP plastic tray rupture after freezing
- Dec 20, 2017 -

PP plastic tray is a very soft and tough texture of the material, either into the refrigerator can also be heated into the microwave oven, is used to make the best frozen food tray material.

However, there are some customers before their anti-copy to find someone else's PP frozen food tray is not only not enough hardness and very brittle, it is easy to crack. Why is this?

Frozen food tray.jpg

Frozen food tray

First, PP plastic tray because of its excellent characteristics and become a common food packaging industry, a package, but it also makes the real new material with PP high prices, and the high cost of materials is caused by the plastic tray High prices. The huge market demand has created a number of jerry-building, shoddy, under the guise of PP plastic tray, with poor quality of the recovered material to do the goods manufacturers. A pallet of the same size may cost at least 3,4 cents for a new material made of PP, but they can be made for just 1 or 2 cents, even lower. Because they use thinner materials, worse materials. The result is not enough plastic tray hardness, and easy to fragile.

Second, some manufacturers did not add antifreeze material on the basis of pp, resulting in PP plastic tray will be broken into the freezer