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Yangrui blister packaging plastic process introduction
- Dec 22, 2017 -

Blister is a plastic processing technology, the main principle is to flat plastic sheeting softened heat, the vacuum adsorption on the mold surface, after cooling forming, widely used in plastic packaging, lighting, advertising, decoration and other industries.

Yangrui blister packaging: the use of plastic technology to produce plastic products, and with the appropriate equipment for product packaging general.

Yangrui bBlister packaging products include: blisters, trays, plastic boxes, synonym and vacuum hood, blisters and so on.

The main advantage of blister packaging is to save the raw and auxiliary materials, light weight, easy transportation, good sealing performance, in line with the requirements of green packaging; can pack any shaped product, packing no additional cushioning material; Beautiful appearance, easy to sell, and suitable for mechanization, automated packaging, to facilitate the modernization of management, save manpower and improve efficiency

Yangrui blister packaging equipment include: plastic molding machines, presses, sealing machine, high-frequency machines, Flap machines. The company is located in:

Packaging products formed by the package can be divided into: card, suction card, double blister, half blister, fold blister, blister and so on.

Plastic boxes commonly used raw materials:

Yangrui plastic box raw materials are: PVC, PS, PP, PET, PETG and flocking, antistatic, conductive and other materials.

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Specific production process:

1: mold making and processing.

2: mold treatment after drying completely softened. The company is located in:

3: The softened plastic pieces together with the wooden cabinet, placed in a vacuum chamber, start the suction switch, the vacuum chamber sucking air suction, until the plastic sheet cooling, the mold and get the same concave packaging or process mold.

4: Blister: Blister process will be made of transparent plastic sheeting of specific convex shape transparent plastic, cover the surface of the product, play a role in protecting and beautifying the product. Aka blister, vacuum hood

5: pallet: also known as plastic care, the use of plastic technology will be made of plastic hard plastic groove specific plastic, the product placed in the groove, play a role in protecting and beautifying the product.

6: flocking care: is a special plastic tray material, the ordinary plastic hard surface sticky layer of velvet material, so that the surface of the tray has a velvet feel, used to improve the packaging grade .

7: Antistatic Tray: It is a plastic tray with special materials, the surface of the material resistance of less than 10 11 square ohms. Mainly used for electronics, IT products, plastic tray.

8: Blister Mold: blister mold production, the lowest cost is plaster mold, followed by copper plating mold, the most expensive is the aluminum mold. Drill a small hole for vacuum heating the hard film, the formation of plastic products.

9: Blister molding: that is, we often talk about the blister, the plastic molding machine will heat the softened plastic hard film adsorbed on the mold surface, cooling, the formation of concave and convex shapes of plastic.

10: Blister cut: After the plastic molding plastic products, after the punch, the sheet of paper with a large knife cut into a single product.

11: Flap: there is a kind of plastic packaging products called card packaging, the three sides of the blister need to be folded to the back with a folding machine, so that in the next packaging process, the paper card into the flap, the formation of plug Card packaging.

12: heat sealing: a blister packaging process, with a sealing machine coated with a blister oil coated paper and blister heat together, the formation of blister card packaging.

13: high-frequency seal: a blister packaging process, using high frequency machine to produce high frequency, blister and blister between the two together to form a double blister packaging.

14: Ultrasonic sealing: It is a kind of plastic packaging process, using ultrasonic machine to produce ultrasonic, the blister and the blister bonded together to form a double blister packaging, and the high-frequency seal is different, the ultrasonic can not only seal PVC , PETG material can also be sealed PET material, but also no electromagnetic damage to the package of the product, especially for electronic packaging; the downside is that the ultrasonic sealing edge can only be a point-like interval, and usually only one straight seal side.