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Buy Packaging Box Should Follow Three Principles
- Apr 06, 2017 -

"Pack can't eat the food out," this is the most common People's Daily eating out a kind of behavior.But if to-go boxes as part of the elimination of disposable foam plastic tableware, is likely to cause harm to health.

International packaging association secretary general dong jinshi, due to the disposable foam plastic tableware in hot soup hot food will produce a variety of toxins, therefore, in use will inadvertently put poison into food.

Dong jinshi advised consumers to follow the "one, two, three" principle, increase knowledge of self identify boxes and inferior.Whether a look is to pay attention to the packing identity information is complete, the production license and serial number, body is complete;If there is a peculiar smell; 2 it is smelling it products3 it is to pick up the product check whether there is a "hand knead soft, light tear burst".Colored products can use a wet towel to wipe, to see if it rub off, to determine whether the boxes.

Although production enterprises have to reduce a lot of unqualified packaging boxes, but when direct procurement of food and beverage enterprise, also should be qualified certificate to the manufacturer, including operating procedure and production licensing, product test reports, etc, to ensure that its interests are not violated.

Dong jinshi warns customer, even buy lunch box is to use the material conforms to the national standard of melamine tableware, before use, should also add vinegar to the boiling water for two or three minutes, or use vinegar soak two hours at room temperature, to release harmful material as far as possible.When using, try not to long cheng fang, oil, acid basic food, avoid to bring health problems.