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Can Design Different Size Packaging Boxes Guests To Bring
- Apr 06, 2017 -

South coast road, m baby civilised dining among the people, thrifty consumption our reporter horsepower

Report from our correspondent (reporter to chung) yesterday at noon, municipal committee, minister of the propaganda department He Shizhong in nanan distract south coast road food street, the situation of the implementation of the check table civilization big action.He points out that big table civilization action put little things made a big effect.Districts and counties and the city catering enterprises should actively action, make table real civilization.

We have learned, organized a "each grain all pain" -- chongqing civilization big table action.At present, the enrichment activities made restaurants and customer benefit, waiter respected effect.Restaurants, activities, packaging customers has increased by about 40%.

City civilization office director introduces, after we finished all the food consumers, merchants will get $5 or 10 yuan "red envelopes" cherish merit;Businesses also provide free lunch box packaging, and send you a mascot "m baby cherish".I heard that, He Shizhong quips, not only yourself to spend less, also can get the boss's money, this is very good.

He Shizhong said, every eat a meal in restaurants, restaurant, a table to save 10 yuan and even several dozens yuan is easy, but the whole society a year cumulative is a big number.If the money used to care left-behind children, empty nesters, send poor masses "zongzi", "moon cakes", "yuanxiao money" and so on, can not play a bigger role?We China is a agricultural country, farmers friend worked so hard to produce so much food, feed so many pigs, so many fish, eat not love dearly, but wasted a pity, nor should it.Wasting food, is the biggest don't respect for working people.He Shizhong carefully to advice of food and beverage enterprise, also used for the packaging of disposable lunch box of environmental protection, can design different size, such as medium, guests to bring food home.For different number of guests, can also with different specifications, different amount of food, let everyone eat both comfortable, don't waste.

He Shizhong pointed out that to carry out the table civilization action, seems a little activity, but can make a big impact, the big effect.Each area county to rise this activity extensively developed vigorously, "May Day" holiday this year, in the city catering enterprise comprehensive promotion.Table civilization forward one small step for a truth, that our society as a whole might be a big step in civilization.

In the first quarter civilization big action table 18 will come to an end

25 swill reduce 95 tons of food and beverage enterprise turnover increase nearly 20%

In the first quarter civilization big action table 18 will come to an end.Yesterday, the municipal government, announced the first phase of the statistical data, far more than 9000 baby red envelopes and more than 30000 meters badge have been sent out.South coast road 30 days participated in the activities of 25 catering enterprises reduce the swill of about 95 tons, and the enterprise total turnover is increased by nearly 20%.

"A table all pain - chongqing civilization campaign activities carried out by municipal party committee propaganda department, the municipal government, organizations, started from last month 14, participated in the activities of the south coast road 25 catering enterprises, a total of more than 1500 tables, about more than 12000 seats, greet customers during this period of nearly 1 million people.Table civilization big action in the second quarter, due to be launched in March, the first model shop will launch table civilization and civilized star selection, recognition of the waiter's activities.Firm the merit and the dinner table will also be in 40 counties in promotion.