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Can Plastic Boxes Into The Microwave Oven?
- Apr 06, 2017 -

Food safety, but do not represent heating is safe.In the plastic packing box, only "5" plastic polypropylene (PP) into the microwave oven.Polypropylene (PP) more heat, can tolerate the high temperature of 200 ℃ or so, so you can microwave heating, heating repeatedly also won't have much of a problem.And other plastic heat resistance is poor many, had better not directly heated, don't pack too hot food, of course, also cannot be used again and again.

Into the microwave oven does not mean not security, on the contrary, as long as the correct use of the PP boxes as healthy.China plastic (plastic technology collaboration committee Yang Huidi once wrote, one-time PS foamed plastics boxes is not suitable for the microwave, should not be above 100 degrees Celsius heat serving food, but is safe to use below 80 degrees Celsius."Boiling" "hot oil pouring" and "high concentrations of solvent leaching" these so-called "safety trials" beyond normal use foamed plastic boxes.Each product has different use conditions and applicable scope.The characteristics of different from western food, Chinese food is a hot, 2 it is to have a soup, three is oil.PS foam tableware has certain heat resistance, for delivery and packaging, the heat resistance of the PS boxes can completely meet the requirements, in addition, compared with the current market of PP, and paper boxes, etc., because it has good insulation, so the packaged food and heat preservation effect.However, compared with PP boxes, it can't for microwave heating.

PS foam tableware materials of PS, as long as it is in accordance with the national standards for production, is nontoxic and harmless, can be in contact with the food.In normal use will not discharge poisonous and harmful substances.

Paper packaging box safe?

Paper packaging box is also popular now, foods such as pizza, hamburgers are used, is also the Chinese commonly used packaging box.With consumers, paper lunch boxes feels slippery, inside the wax?In fact, this is the layer slippery a layer of plastic film, called "polyethylene coating".Master of nutrition and food safety, the author of the popular science, RuanGuangFeng said in his article, "polyethylene coating is a relatively new technology, when casting molding in the paper surface coated with a thin layer of polyethylene plastic coating, is equivalent to a layer of mulch on paper.As a result, the paper boxes not only tolerated high temperature 90 ℃, can well water, packaged food, dealing with cold and hot drinks, no problem.However, he also suggests, points out that higher temperatures can not cope with paper boxes, so don't suggest put the microwave directly.