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Environmental Protection Tableware Should Be What
- Aug 25, 2017 -

Modern society to strengthen the awareness of environmental protection, tableware is also true, then the real environmental tableware should be what? As a prerequisite, the real environmental tableware should be non-toxic to the human body harmless, does not affect human health. In the production of this tableware raw materials should also be in line with national food requirements, can be recycled. In the current takeaway market, we can see a lot of environmentally friendly tableware. Such as wooden lunch boxes, pp disposable lunch boxes and green bowls. Although some environmentally friendly tableware is made of environmentally friendly raw materials, but before the sale of the relevant state departments need to pass the test, access to qs production license before entering the market for sale.


In general, the real green tableware in the price are more expensive, if the market selling environmentally friendly tableware prices are particularly cheap, then there may be poor material production, or mixed into the material produced. Because the price of environmentally friendly tableware on the relatively low profits, so the price is more real, so if the price of environmentally friendly tableware is very cheap, then it is likely not environmentally friendly tableware.

So in summary, we should have a general understanding of environmental protection meal, whether you are their own home or open restaurants, you can refer to the above environmental protection tableware to buy the standard products.