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Food Packaging Industry Attaches Great Importance To The Need To Keep Pace With The Times
- Apr 06, 2017 -

Compared with the traditional manual labeling, automatic labeling machine with attached position accuracy, good quality, high stability, high efficiency advantages, avoid the manual labeling efficiency, attached askew, a series of problems on uniform rubber thickness and wrinkles, effectively reduce paste waste, reduce the human cost of labeling. Based on these advantages, automatic labeling machine in the packaging market is almost invincible, both in terms of the breadth of use and market acclaim, are worth noting.

Coping mechanism and guiding mechanism to adjust the flexible use of automatic labeling machine, ingenious design of mechanical adjusting part of the structured combination and label winding, labeling the location of 6 degrees of freedom (adjusted convenient fine adjustment can be fixed), the conversion between different products adjustment and label winding becomes simple and time-saving. Survey shows that the automatic labeling machine used in a variety of items on the surface of the label, it is not only excellent equipment, and paste the goods are very personal, but also to stimulate consumer desire to buy.

Food packaging opportunities

According to the "standard" bulk food hygiene management regulations, the operator should be in containers for food on the prominent position or isolation facilities indicate the name, list of ingredients, food producers and address, production date, shelf life, preservation conditions, edible methods, and the strict provisions of the relevant identification. This shows that food packaging has been more and more attention to food and drug safety regulatory authorities, regulatory tightening and policy pressures will be good labeling machine, marking machine and other food packaging machinery market demand.

With the change of market demand, in recent years, kinds of labeling machine is gradually increased, the technical level has been greatly improved, from the backward situation of manual and semi automatic labeling, automatic labeler to occupy the majority of market pattern. At present, the commonly used labeling machines on the market are semi-automatic labeling machine, automatic labeling machine two categories. The emergence of automatic labeling machine to promote the development of related industries, personalized design and automation technology has become part of enterprise production.

Industry development needs to keep pace with the times

In fact, along the way, the development of the labeling machine industry has gone through ups and downs. It is understood that ten years ago, China's labeling machine industry lack of core technology, and a single product in the international market has not been taken seriously. In such a passive situation, some industry leading enterprises specializing in labeling machine "R" and "quality", in product stability, reliability and practicality of the efforts, gradually achieved success, form their own competitive advantage, and obtain the approval of the international market and trust.

In the new era, labeling machine industry to get better development, still need to keep pace with the times. With the market of food packaging in the form of more and more diversification, labeling also began to divide class, people's aesthetic demand is gradually increased, the labeling machine industry needs to pay more attention to the labeling machine equipment, continue to strengthen technological innovation, realize the packaging requirements. In addition, people improve on food safety concerns, food labels will gather more attention, in addition, the construction and development of food traceability system, two-dimensional code has become a part of the food packaging labels in this way, labeling the work becomes more and more important, which can not be ignored, also need to meet the new demands.