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High-grade Plastic Disposable Lunch Container
- Feb 28, 2018 -

The High-grade Plastic Disposable Lunch Container of YangRui is made from food grade PP blister plastic, is a disposable high-level Eco-friendly lunch box, which does not add harmful ingredients to the human body. Also our PP lunch box in compliance with national QS health standards. It can be place directly into the microwave heating, refrigerator freezer.

High-grade Plastic Disposable Lunch Container.jpg

 Product Name 

 High-grade Plastic Disposable Lunch Container


 PP plastic


 Blue, Red, Orange, Green, Grey, Black, White, Transparent and customized


 202 X 277 X 45 (mm) / Customized as required




 3 compartments,750ml / Customized as required


 Eco-friendly, Microwavable, -20℃ ~130℃ Safe


 Lunch, Fast Food, Bento, Salad, Noodles