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Initiative On The Use Of Disposable Cornstarch Food Container
- Jul 07, 2018 -

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people put forward higher requirements for the safety and hygiene of disposable disinfection tableware. Nowadays, the popular porcelain tableware disinfection tableware is dirty, there are stains, leaves, detergent residues, The problems of microbial pathogens and other problems have been questioned by consumers, and they have been extremely cold and hit. The industry is facing serious challenges and crises. To this end, disposable food box manufacturers have developed corn starch-based biodegradable products, which mainly include disposable four-piece sets (plate 1, bowl 1, spoon 1, cup 1); five sets (plate 1, bowl) 1, spoon 1, cup 2). Suitable for dining facilities in homes, large and medium-sized restaurants, etc.

Compared with other similar products, the biodegradable products produced by Yangrui are not only non-toxic, harmless, and odor-free, but also waterproof, oil-proof, and resistant to cold and heat. They should be refrigerated in the refrigerator or heated in a microwave oven. It is superior to similar starch modified products in cost performance. The most important thing is that this product can effectively eliminate the increasingly serious "white pollution" caused by the inability of plastic products to degrade, and meet the requirements of circular economy and ecological agriculture.

cornstarch food container

Why not choose such environmentally friendly tableware! Corn starch tableware degradable disposable cups are green products with the following advantages:

It is harmless to the human body - the product is made of corn starch and a small amount of other green materials. It does not contain any harmful substances to the human body and can be used for a long time.

Zero pollution - the main raw material of the product, corn starch, is biodegradable under natural conditions to form carbon dioxide and water. It does not cause damage to soil and air, and it does not cause white pollution.

Disposable lunch box manufacturers tell you about saving resources - corn starch is an inexhaustible source of renewable resources, and paper and plastic tableware require a lot of wood and petrochemical products.

The use of corn starch as a raw material can save a lot of oil resources and forest resources. High quality - starch products have good density, water resistance, oil resistance and penetration resistance. They also have good high temperature resistance and low temperature resistance. They are suitable for refrigerator freezing, cold storage, fresh food, microwave heating food.