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Large Demand For Disposable Packaging Market Led To The Development Of Packaging Containers
- Apr 06, 2017 -

Chinese packaging today, with the intensive production concept gradually infiltrate into the field of food, food transport, need to use a large number of packaging container circulation. Like fresh, cooked food, takeaway and other fields, it is because of the high hygiene requirements of packaging containers, and to consider the cost and other issues, so often as the use of disposable plastic packaging materials.

Disposable plastic packaging containers are widely used in the field of food, its portability, sanitation, low cost, as well as businesses and consumers. The disposable plastic food packaging materials, including plastic film, plastic bags, disposable tableware, packing boxes and other takeaway, given the depth of application of disposable plastic packaging containers in the field of food, in addition to plastic bags may be in the plastic limit order under the constraints of environmental protection bag replacement, other product types such as food packing box, plastic film, disposable tableware in the absence of new technologies and new products appear, will continue.

Compared with paper products, metal products, glass products and packaging containers, disposable plastic products has its special advantages: convenient storage, easy processing, good sanitary conditions, therefore, our country as a food consumption, consumption of disposable plastic packaging containers are enormous.

According to the prospective industry research institute "China disposable plastic food packaging containers Industry Report" statistics, at present our packaging industry output value has nearly trillion, assuming that disposable plastic food containers in which accounted for 10% That is, a nearly billion level market scale.

It is also the case, at present our country disposable plastic food packaging container manufacturer and surge, in the rapid development of food industry, production capacity has a potential outbreak. But throughout the industry applications, now many problems may release some forward-looking signals.

First of all, our country in fruit and vegetable consumption in the world, but its decay rate also lost in other countries. With the lack of developed countries 5% The decay rate of fruits and vegetables compared to our country is as high as 30% . Therefore, in this area, has the function of sterilization, preservation, moisturizing products will have a larger market.

In addition, with the improvement of people's consumption level, high barrier, UV resistant, resistant to cooking, vast oxygen, breathable, light and other products demand will rapidly expand. But in these areas for the production of raw materials supply, and research and development of various production additives, our country is still relatively backward.

Therefore, the enterprise wants to survive in the future many competitors, the new focus in these areas, there will be higher. At the same time, green, environmental protection and safety of market demand, has also brought a new direction for the development of disposable plastic food packaging container industry, whether additives or raw materials, a major breakthrough is needed in the thermal stability and safety.