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Only The Packaging Box Can Into The Microwave Oven!Do You Use Disposable Lunch Box Security?
- Apr 06, 2017 -

Eating outside, eat or more points is often the case.Waste food it's too bad, can eat to a meal, can be packaged to face.In the era of the take-away, little also not close contact and food packaging boxes.These disposable lunch box is really safe?Can you into the microwave oven?Small make up today to tell you about the "box" packaging exquisite.

Packing box of the Numbers on the meaning you know?

You use the packaging box, lunch box is a what kind?First from the common on the market of plastic packaging boxes.At present, the packaging box has PP boxes, photodegradation PP boxes, paper pulp molding boxes, paper boxes and one-time PS boxes, but light degradation of PP boxes and paper pulp molding boxes have been rare.

Take a closer look at the plastic lunch box, in the lid or the bottom, you will find that have a number sign.What is the meaning of this number?We see Numbers is actually on the plastic products used in plastics recycling classification purpose.Different coding on behalf of the identity of the resin coding.Number 1-6 represent the kind of special plastic, and write in a triangle (usually consisting of three connected arrow), marked on the bottom of the bottle.7 represents other plastics or mixed.This number is not provide safety instruction or its designated purpose.Therefore, you can't judge its applicability by digital.

Usually these Numbers have certain directivity, though:

1, polyethylene terephthalate (PET) : mineral water, fruit juice, carbonated drinks bottles is made from it;

High density polyethylene (HDPE) : 2 common barrels bottled water, is to use it;

No. 3 of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) : general plastic pipe used in plastic;

Polyethylene (PE) : 4 common cling film, plastic film, etc.High temperature sometimes produce harmful substances, toxic substances with after food enters the human body, may cause diseases such as breast cancer, birth defects;

5 polypropylene (PP) : this is the strongest heat resistant materials, microwave plastic fittings are used to it;

6 polystyrene (PS) : now a lot of tea with milk of lid is it;

7 often refers to the polycarbonate (PC) and several kinds of plastic: most of the baby bottle is to use PC as raw materials.

5 plastic more heat, which can withstand temperatures up to 200 degrees Celsius, so you can use the microwave, heating repeatedly also won't have much of a problem.1, 6, and other plastic heat resistance is relatively poor, it is best not to direct heating, also don't load too hot food, of course, also cannot be used again and again.

If you can't tell exactly what kind of material, the food packaging back, had better be to pour into the pot heating, or pour in plates, bowl, reoccupy after microwave heating.

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