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Plastic Fast Food Box Easy To Use Health And Hygiene
- Aug 24, 2017 -

In recent years, the market's one-time fast-food box has been turned from the bubble box to the green lunch box, the original bubble lunch box because of the high temperature, and the production process caused by the destruction of the environment has been eliminated, to be a plastic lunch boxes, Wooden lunch boxes, degradable lunch boxes ... and so on.

Among them, the plastic as a result of low toxicity, high melting point, plasticity, production is simple and relatively low cost and other characteristics, which has become a one-time fast food box manufacturing mainstream materials. Such as PP plastic lunch boxes, corn starch can be degraded lunch boxes, etc., PP polypropylene, with excellent mechanical properties and thermal properties, suitable for food packaging. The PS polystyrene, hard and brittle, non-toxic, tasteless, especially suitable for frozen food packaging such as pastries or salads.

pp lunch  box.jpg

Lunch boxes are divided into environmentally friendly lunch boxes, mainly plastic, paper, starch and rare metals.

The plastic lunch box is a plastic container made of food grade plastic material used to facilitate the use of food. It is our daily life is a very common kind of household plastic products, is outdoors picnic or hiking indispensable plastic containers. Plastic lunch boxes also have a variety of styles, sizes to choose from. Square plastic lunch boxes can be used to store a variety of condiments. Rectangular plastic lunch boxes are easy to store with water, such as fruits, vegetables and seafood. Round plastic lunch box is suitable for storage of sauce, sauce and a variety of side dishes.