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Reasonable Handling Of Packaging Boxes, To Avoid Environmental Pollution
- Aug 28, 2017 -

Now a lot of disposable lunch boxes do not have any security problems, but does not mean that after use can be placed free. If every time after eating dinner will be directly throw away the lunch box, so for the sanitation workers will also increase the burden of a lot. In fact, the lunch box inside the trash is not difficult, these are everyone's little effort.

The use of disposable tableware places are more, some people are directly packaged food, and then go to the dormitory or home to eat. There are some hotels are set in the open air, these hotels will also use a one-time lunch box. If it is dormitory to eat, these one-time package box after use is finished thrown into the garbage bag inside, and then put the garbage inside the trash. If it is in the restaurant which will be directly on the inside of the garbage bin.

Now the city's food street using disposable tableware is very much, it should be said that this is a gathering place for disposable tableware. Many consumers also said that sometimes it is not unwilling to put a one-time package box inside the trash, but that these places not enough to set the trash, looking for a long time can not find the trash. There are a lot of people say, after all, holding a box shopping is not how elegant things.

But after a lot of people found that people appreciate those who are not free to pack the box, or even holding their own box of people. And because the trash is not enough and arbitrarily throw these one-time package box of people, we will have some resentment. In our view, the protection of the environment is an intrinsic quality, it should not because of the number of trash and have any choice. If everyone protects the environment, the urban environment will be better.