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Requirements Of Fast Food Packaging
- Oct 13, 2017 -

Fast food is generally done, just baked food temperature is high, so packaging materials need high temperature; packaging directly with food contact, so the packaging material must be non-toxic, add additives in the material also need high temperature to meet the case Heat generated toxic substances, to ensure safety and health; packaging materials hardness is better, not easy to deformation, the material quantitative small, thin thickness, easy to use.

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Once the shape of the paper packaging or plastic packaging, it is best to automatically fold, can be compressed into a flat transport and storage, the use of propped up the box automatically formed, like pizza box, hamburger box, cake box and chicken rice box and so on Is a disc box. The packaging structure should be strong and easy to use and carry.

To play the most basic performance of packaging, that is, to protect the shape of goods, taste, moisture and oil insulation performance.