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The Current Plastic Disposable Lunch Box Should Be How To Choose
- Aug 29, 2017 -

As a result of the bubble box out of the market, to be the type of lunch box is more numerous, such as plastic lunch boxes, paper boxes, wooden lunch boxes and degradable lunch boxes and so on. Among them, the plastic because of the relatively low toxicity, high melting point, plasticity is very strong, relatively simple production and compared to the cost will be relatively low and many other features, and thus a plastic disposable lunch box has occupied the mainstream position, instead of "hair Bubble box "to become a sign of the industry, then how to choose a plastic disposable lunch box has become a major event now need to solve the consumer.

For the choice of plastic lunch boxes difficult problems, the industry still feel that the first thing to look at its material. General market lunch boxes are made of PP plastic, PP refers to the polypropylene, which has excellent mechanical properties and thermal properties, which is also particularly suitable for heating food packaging applications. The PS-polystyrene, hard and brittle, and non-toxic, tasteless, especially suitable for frozen food packaging, such as pastries and salads and so on. Most of the plastic disposable lunch boxes how to choose the final result is also in the two materials made of plastic lunch box.

And some lunch box manufacturers in order to reduce its manufacturing costs, will use PP to do the box, and then do PS cover. The advantage of this treatment is that the lid of the lunch box is absolutely transparent and the PS material is relatively hard and can be made with a relatively thin plastic sheet, which reduces the cost and low cost. The natural price is also low. But also to allow consumers to understand the difference between the two materials, that is, remember not to lunch boxes and lid together into the microwave heating, because only PP5 plastic material can be microwave heating, the solution can be, for example, On the reminder.