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The Use Of Disposable Fresh Food Trays
- Oct 26, 2017 -

It has been the object of remediation in the haze weather, especially in the case of small and medium-sized, medium-sized and medium-sized, Of the mill and packaging and printing enterprises, fear will usher in a fatal test.

To a period of time, many business owners that the local government in order to protect the fiscal revenue, corporate waste will be relaxed, but more and more serious haze that China's environmental governance has come to the point where the slightest can not relax.

As a result, the cost of sewage in the future papermaking, packaging and printing industries will increase further, and non-compliance enterprises may be forced to shut down.

Some time ago, China's base paper prices have been in a soaring state, with some of the upside factors were digested, the domestic waste paper prices fell sharply, the exchange rate stabilized, coupled with the production of off-season has arrived, we unanimously optimistic about the price of raw materials stabilized.