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The Use Of EPS Analytical Plastic Products Manufacturers Widely Has Good Protective Effect
- Apr 06, 2017 -

Plastic products has the advantages of light weight, convenient transportation, chemical stability, easy production and many other advantages, is widely used in food packaging. By adding a certain amount of plastic antioxidants, preservatives and other auxiliary materials, has good protective effect on food.

In recent years, the paper packaging can be made because of their bags, boxes or cans, boxes and other forms of advantages and is widely used in food packaging. But due to the recycling of raw materials mostly from paper packaging paper or paperboard recycling, bacteria, chemical residues and some impurities tend to produce the attached paper packaging, paper packaging increases the risk of contamination of food. In addition, most of the use of paper packaging in fluorescent whitening agents, chemical substances are a potential source of contamination to food.
As demand for diversified and personalized packaging, many with silica glass containers made of raw materials are widely used in food packaging, in order to increase the glass container manufacturers often add gloss, arsenic and antimony as clarifying agent, even increase the lead. In addition, a variety of color glass containers are also used for food packaging containers, food in the susceptible to dissolution of silica glass and other substances pollution.
On the other hand, more and more metal, ceramics, rubber monomer as packing or gasket, sealing material is applied to food packaging, if improper disposal will have potential harm.