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Use Plastic Containers To Keep Food
- Apr 06, 2017 -

What to eat is very important, with plastic containers to keep food can not be too casual. Recently, the German Kitchen civilization to promote the selection of the end of the OKO-TEST activities. It is reported that the selection of a large content that is airtight container tightness, durability, convenience and other 12 aspects of CF detection.

The reporter learned that, since the selection of Germany, Italy, Sweden, South Korea and other countries produced 15 kinds of sealed container as the goal to check on its tightness, durability, convenience of plastic containers and other aspects of the 12 contrast detection and analysis. In the meantime, the Korean brand LOCK&LOCK is known for its four lock and hollow sealing ring strict sealing function, and the use of temperature change of PP material, can accept -20 C and 120 C of the characteristics of water treatment dosing container was the most outstanding award in this class. On the characteristics of plastic containers are bound by the world food packaging Association executive vice president Dong Jinshi also shows that identity. Dong Jinshi to the consumer advocate the use of a microwave oven with PP plastic containers, plastic containers can be due to the "only in the microwave oven, its code name is' PP ', the number is" 5 "container for textile printing and dyeing cloth car on the lattice corresponding identifier for the public to distinguish, we drink water cup for the best to use this data."