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What Kind Of Lunch Box Is Popular Now?
- Sep 01, 2017 -

At present, the glass silicon, plastic, iron tableware in our daily lives we use more, but said the plastic material has PC material and PP material. But these several kinds of tableware each have their own advantages have their own shortcomings.

Glass lunch box: (advantage) in the material is the most secure glass lunch box can heat the heat of food, do not worry about the production of toxic substances. This is not to mention safety.

                 (Shortcomings) to carry is not convenient, too heavy is a lot of people to abandon its main reason, we must be carefully guarded, although we do not have anything that is very heavy.

Plastic lunch box: (advantages) in this small series to say is recommended to buy PP, because only PP material can be filled with heating material in order to not harm the human body, pp material is a chemical called polypropylene Material, you can use microwave heating, so we are recommended to buy pp lunch box, but also better carry.

Iron lunch box: (shortcomings) full of hot food will be hot, it is very inconvenient.