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What Kind Of Lunch Box Is The Real Green Lunch Box
- Aug 31, 2017 -

Environmental issues are more and more important issues in today's society. "Environmental protection" in the clothing, food, shelter, line, leisure and entertainment will be involved, so that environmental protection will be in line with science, health, health, green health concept.

For a qualified citizen, we protect the living environment we live directly to protect the natural environment. Of course, this is also beneficial to us, we should be able to live in harmony with nature, but if we do not pay attention to protect our living environment , Then directly on our living environment caused a serious threat, so that people can live in harmony with the natural harmony of a better life.

What is the green lunch box? How can the environmental lunch box be selected to harm our health? This is the key to the selection:

(1) product color, texture uniform.

(2) feel good, high strength.

(3) hot and cold food when there is no smell.

(4) easy to recover and use or environmental degradation; harmless to the ecological environment and human health.

(5) in line with national QS health standards, lunch boxes can be directly into the microwave heating, refrigerator refrigerated, free printed corrugated shop trademark. Product design beautiful and practical.

(6) good sealing, do not leak food soup.