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strawberry heart shaped packaging in stock

  • 350g Blueberry Strawberry Clamshell Box

    350g Blueberry Strawberry Clamshell Box350g blueberry strawberry clamshell box Features: Product has buckles, easy to package blueberries, breathables hole can be fully ventilated, no smell, effectively keep blueberries clean Products work fine, good hardness, compressive and not easy to deformation, convenient your packaging and...Read More

  • PET Blister Fruit Crisper Packaging Box For 4 Apples

    PET Blister Fruit Crisper Packaging Box For 4 ApplesPET blister fruit crisper packaging box for 4 apples Huizhou Yangrui Printing and Packaging Co.,Ltd. is a professional packaging factory. Our factory is specializing in kinds of packaging products: Packaging box: (PP plastic disposable lunch box, fruit & vegetable packaging container, salad...Read More

  • 360ml High Transparency Milk Tea Disposable Packaging Cup

    360ml High Transparency Milk Tea Disposable Packaging Cup360ml High transparency milk tea disposable packaging cup Features : High transparency, good stability, not deformed In the high temperature, not leaking, odorless, Products can be equipped with sealing film, flat cover, spherical cover, Products applicable to tea, fruit juice, cola, cold...Read More

  • Lemon Fruit Promotion Packaging Box

    Lemon Fruit Promotion Packaging BoxLemon fruit promotion packaging box 1. We have the excellent food safety products production workshop,with no-dust workshorp,stronger QC team and high standards of product quality, 2. One-step service from printing, fur face disposal, material die-cutting, craftsmanship, QC, Packing, delivery,...Read More

  • Disposable Fruit Vegetable Packaging Tray

    Disposable Fruit Vegetable Packaging Traydisposable fruit Vegetable packaging tray disposable fruit Vegetable packaging tray use PP material. The non-toxic and odorless PP Film with good tensile strength, compressive strength, and anti-impact forces has no chemical reaction, and the material itself has good plasticity which is easy to...Read More